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Sellingly is an Outlook add-in that automatically helps you stay in touch with your leads and customers
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18 January 2013

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In this age of hi-tech competition, keeping in touch with clients and specially with customer is very much essential. This has developed to the concept of customer relationship management or CRM and several CRM featuring software are therefore used by organizations. While using this kind of software might cost a lot, yet with Sellingly 1.0.0 you will be able to carry out the same service of CRM easily and without spending any money. It is an add-in of MS Outlook that promises to deliver all kinds of critical information meant for maintaining a good relation among your firm and customers. The solution devoid the practice of using any other CRM software or keeps you waiting for email reminder or gives any trouble to keep additional notes of contacts.

This free to use solution embraces large many features which gives it a mark that equals to high-end applications. Sellingly right away enables you to view personal details, websites as well as upcoming contact dates of all leads and customer. Contact schedule which could be found with it is a fine platform on which you could view real-time information of contacts that needs to be immediately contacted. Intelligent templating engine fitted in it offers to be a brilliant feature that makes your task of replying very easy and effective. More to it you can save your templates by saving any reply which you have sent earlier. This actually helps you to save time and hassle of writing the same message over and over. Mass emailing feature on the other hand can aid you to reach out a large section of people and that to in customized form.

Sellingly is a fantastic option that clearly gives you the advantage for sending personalized emails and keeping contacts of all the vital people that mean only benefits for your firm without paying any extra. We give it three star rating owing to its optimum performance.

Publisher's description

Sellingly is an Outlook add-in that automatically helps you stay in touch with your leads and customers.
80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact, but only 12% of sales people follow-up with their leads more than 3 times.
With Sellingly there is no need for a separate CRM or to wait for e-mailed reminders. Sellingly adapts to how you work - and how you sell - and presents you with critical information whenever you need it.
Main Features:

* Contact Info:
Instantly see personal, website and the next contact date for every lead and customer.

* Contact Schedule:
Real-time information on who you need to contact immediately and upcoming.

* Template Generation:
When you don't know what to say, let our intelligent templating engine help you craft effective messages

* Personal Templates:
Saying the same things over and over? Save your own template for one-on-one or mass e-mails.
* Mass E-Mailing:
Sometimes you just want to say hello to all of your contacts. Mass e-mailing with automatic mail merge make it simple.
* Fully Customizable:
Set different message frequency for leads, customers and partners. Sellingly adapts to how your business works.
Version 1.0
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